Eliminates 99.9%

of bacteria, fungi and viruses pre and post treatment 

Alcocol free and safe for regular use

without negative side effects like burning sensations, alteration in taste or staining of teeth

Oxidising agent

eliminates bad oral odour

Revitalises oral well-being

and post procedural outcomes

Reduces microbial infections
Promotes recovery post-surgery ​
Safe for use without common side effects​ ​

Your Crystal Clear

How To Use Freshclor

Rinse mouth vigorously with 10 ml of
Freshclor for 1 minute, around teeth and gums

Gargle before spitting out

Ideally, do not consume anything for
30 minutes post rinsing


For Medical Professionals

Freshclor with stabilised chlorine dioxide is a proven antimicrobial, it helps your patients recover post procedure

Freshclor can be used in your clinic pre and post treatment, it facilitates to eliminate microbes and prevent infections

Improves patient compliance and post care recuperation; Freshclor does not have the negative side effects of burning sensations and teeth staining  as one would experience with chlorhexidine, Betadine or alcohol-based mouthwashes. Freshclor is also safe for long term use.

Freshclor Studies

Stabilised chlorine dioxide in Freshclor is a proven antimicrobial agent, review independent study links for detailed information

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Freshclor is a powerful, yet gentle antimicrobial mouthwash, powered by stabilized chlorine dioxide which helps recover and promote oral health pre and post dental treatment